Jesse Popp - "Stars Wars" & Johnny Cash Impersonator

Jesse Popp Season 1, Ep 12 06/15/2012 Views: 8,873

Jesse Popp suspects that "Star Wars" fans have some pretty disturbing habits and explains why he would never buy a CD from a Johnny Cash impersonator. (2:42)

and I don't want to offendanyone, but it's something

that's been on my mind and Ifeel like it needs to be said.


let's be done with Star Wars.

No more Star Wars.

It's just...

these people, I-I can't...

I watch it and it's okay.

But then, it just keeps goingand going and going.

Like, what happened after?What happened before?

What happened in the middleif it was a cartoon?

What happenedif it was Monopoly?

I get, I mean, Star Wars fansare getting to be like

the people who, like,when their dog dies,

they stuff it and put itin their living room

and make you keeplooking at it.

They're like, "Look at my dog.We're still best buddies.

"Took out the old eyeballs,put it new eyeballs.

"20 years ago, these eyeballswould have been impossible.

Let's watch my dog again."

I think in 50 years,

George Lucas, it's just going tobe his brain inside of a robot

that says "New ideas for Star Wars movies."

It'll be like,"Chewbacca goes to college."

"Darth Vader loses his wallet."

"Chewbacca goes to college.""We just made that one."

"Make it again!"

"Did you hear they're remakingChewbacca goes to college?"

I'll have to camp outfor that one.

So we can see it on Fridayinstead of Saturday.


Sometimes people camp out, uh,stand out, uh,

and play music for moneyon the street.

And I was walking past this guya little while ago,

and it was this old manand a cowboy hat.

And he was sitting on a crate.

And he had a speaker with himand he flipped a switch.

And it started to playthe music to Ring of Fire.

And he started to singand he sounded exactly

like Johnny Cash.Not a little bit. Exactly.

I had to make surethat he wasn't lip-syncing.

So I thought that was prettycool and I gave him a buck.

But then I noticed that he wasselling CDs for 12 bucks.

That's where he lost me.

I don't see how I benefitfrom buying that.

Like, I play it, you know,for my friends, I'm like,

"Hey, listen to this."

It's like,"Oh, it's Johnny Cash."

"No, it's not Johnny Cash.It's just some guy."

"Oh, I thought it was...Johnny Cash."

"How much did youpay for that?"

"Little bit morethan a Johnny Cash CD."

"Little bit, we had this,though. That's...

You can't put a price on that."

God bless it.