Marlena Rodriguez - The Most Obvious Nickname

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In middle school, Marlena Rodriguez figured out that a lewd message existed inside of her very own name. (1:45)

- And if you haven't figured this out,

yeah, my name backwards is Analram.



And I wasn't the firstperson to find that out.

I found that out while playing an amazing game of,

what does your name sound like backwards,

which is such a fungame unless you're this.

You're in middleschool on a bus,

what an amazing time to be alive.

And it was John's turn, he's like,

"Well my name's John, so it's Nhoj."

Cool, or should I say looc.

And it was Liz's turn, she was like, "Well my name's Liz.

"So it's Zil," what?

You crazy bitch!

I'm only calling you Zil from now on.

What's yours Marlana?

Gosh guys, I don't, I've never thought

about it before, just give me a sec...

I don't wanna play this game anymore.

"I know what it is!" chimed in Nhoj, "It's Analram.

"'Cause Marlana likes toput things in her butt."

That's where Nhoj was right,

I'll put almost anything up there.