Speedround - Three Cheers for Legal Gibberish

07/08/2016 Views: 16

Frederick Bellacourt gets the hang of being a judge, Donald Trump changes tactics, and Loretta Lynch makes a big mistake. (0:57)

(banging gavel)

- Objection.


- You're simply repeating legalterms you've heard before,

is that correct?

- Overruled.

- Yeah, that's what it sounded like.

- [Voiceover] A Tweet showing what appears to be

the Jewish Star of David over a backdrop of money.

- As if someone told Trump he's not allowed

to be misogynisticanymore so he was like,

fine I guess I'll call her a Jew.


- [Voiceover] Her interview came after days of controversy

over a private meeting between former President Bill Clinton

and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

- Excuse me, just adding Loretta Lynch

to my list of women whoregret privately meeting

with Bill Clinton.

- Comedians, what'ssomething you might find

on an Internet Bill of Rights?

- John Ross Perry?

- You have the right to a speedy trial

of middle schoolers calling you Hitler

in the comments section.