Keith Robinson - Plead Stupidity

Lauletta, Prinzi, Robinson Season 2, Ep 25 05/26/1993 Views: 1,088

If you can plead insanity, you should also be allowed to plead stupidity. (1:11)

In America, we won't letsomebody who's terminally

ill have a right totake their own life.

We say it's illegal.

But yet we'll letEvel Knievel jump over

the Grand Canyon witha damn moped, man.

Aww, don't give me that clap.

All of us believedthat he can do it.

Look at that, Evel going to jumpfrom New York to Philadelphia.

Look at that, man.

Aw, hell, plus he's going topay the tolls all the way.

I swear to God.

He got change in his pocket.

And nowadays, you can walkinto court, plead insanity.

They'll cut you a breakbecause you pleaded insanity.

Why the hell will someone who'sstabbed somebody 87 times then

try to eat them haveto plead insanity, man?

Yeah he's messed up!

What more proof you need?



Does he have tolight his eyelashes

on fire, run aroundthe courtroom.


If that's the case, youshould be able to go to court

and plead stupidity.

It's the same thing.

Oh, Your Honor, my client herewould like to plead stupidity.

What do you meanon what grounds?

He tried to rob an undercovercop that had a walkie-talkie,

handcuff, and gun sticking out!

Look, Your Honor, he'sa damn idiot, man!

Look at this guy!