Mike Recine - Songs About Cheating

Mike Recine Season 5, Ep 13 10/07/2016 Views: 726

When it comes to cheating ballads, Mike Recine would appreciate a little more variety. (1:06)

You know whatI noticed a couple days ago?

There's a lot of songson the radio about, like,

catching somebodywho cheated on you.

But you don't hear any songsabout, like,

thinking thatyou caught somebody

and then confronting them

and you're wrong,and they didn't.

And now you have to, like,listen to her explanation

of where she was,

and it makes sense, you know?

Your ever hear that WhitneyHouston song, she's like,

"Friday night, you and your boyswent out to eat.

"But only two of you had dinner.

I foundyour credit card receipt."

What if the guy from that songis like,

"That's 'cause we splitthe bill three ways,

"and then Tommy... gave me cash.

"I used my credit card forthe two of us.

"Okay, you psychopath?

"I thought you were gonna stop

digging through my garbage."

She's like,"Whoops. I'm sorry.

I'll just go to bed."