Sommore - Clothing

Season 1, Ep 0101 08/31/2006 Views: 19,593

Picking out the right outfit is essential. (3:08)

What is the deal?What is the deal?

What is the deal, New York?

I'm gonna keep it realwith y'all.

I was so nervous, like, thewhole week leading up to this.

Because, first of all, you know,this is New York City.

I mean, you got to bringyour A game.

That's right.

You got to bring your A game.

Then, this islive for television.

Then, I'm on Comedy"I'm rich, bitch" Central.

Where they give black peoplemoney and we lose our mind.

So I'm like, I just go to...

First of all, I could notfigure out what to wear.

I'm not gonna lie-- I changedclothes at least seven times.

No, because there'sdifferent categories

that I could've fallen into.

First of all,I could've got sharp.

That's when, you know,you look good,

but, you know, you probably,somebody probably

seen that outfit beforeon somebody else.

Then, I could've got fly.

Then, when you're fly,that's when you're so up here,

you know, that y'all might noteven understand what I got on.

You know, I'm just, I'm up here.

You know, I'm up here.

I'm just fly.

Then, I could've got hot.

Now, hot is when you got onthe latest thing in the stores,

right off the rack.

You're just hot.

Or I could've just gothot to death.

Now, hot to death is when

you're sharp, fly and hotall into one.

When you're hot to death,when you're hot to death,

if you should die,when you get to heaven,

the angels will taketheir wings off and be like,

"Damn, you waskilling them bitches!"

But I think your clothesare very important.

Your appearance is important,

especially with women.

Because, believe it or not,you can save some money

by the way you present yourself.

I call itflexing your girl powers.

Like, the next timeyour car breaks down on you,

you got to go to the automechanic, rule number one

is take the baby seatout the back.

Don't go down therewith the baby seat in the back

with the Cheetosall in the baby seat.

Rule number two iswear a miniskirt.

I don't give a damnwhat size you are,

whether you're size two or 28,

wear a miniskirt.

And even if you got a manat the house and money is tight,

he's gonna understand.

He's gonna be like,"Wear the blue one, baby,

"wear the blue one.

"They gonna knock$20 off the bill

if you wear that blue one,I promise you."

Telling you.

Simple things you can do asa woman to flex your girl power.

Like, the next time

you're at the dentist's office,

and the dentist got youlaid back in the chair,

right as he's aboutto turn that chair around,

ever so gently,just stick your elbow out.

Gently graze the frontof them pants just a little bit.

Look up at himand wink your eye.

He ain't gonna charge youfor little stuff

like cleaning and fillings.

Look at my teeth.

You see that, right?

That's girl power right there,girl power.