Joel Kim Booster - Graded on a Gay Curve - Uncensored

The One with Tiny Season 3, Ep 7 11/16/2016 Views: 1,395

Joel Kim Booster asks a few men in The Meltdown audience how they feel about pornography and reveals the hardest thing about being a gay man in L.A. (2:00)

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- You seem to be havinga good time.

You like porn?You've got the look.

Yes or no? We can't continue.- Sure.

- Okay, you like porn a lot.

Would you say you love porn?

- Eh...

- Okay, a liar.

We'll move on you over here.

Do you love porn?

No, not the woman.

I'm sorry. Do I have a lazy eye?I'm looking at you.

[scattered applause]

- Sure, yeah.

- You do?

I love that about you.

That's great.

I guess...

I guess my...

I guess my follow-up questionfor you would be,

do you watcha lot of gay porn?

- No.

- You don't.Okay.

Waste of time.

I guess then my final questionfor you would be,

like, how longhave you hated gay people?

You know, like, why?

We're not good enoughfor your films?

That's very hurtful.

I find thatpersonally offensive.

No, I'm just kidding.I'm sure you're not a homophobe.

I mean, we don't know, but...


It's funny to me nowas, like, a single person again,

I talk a lot about itwith my straight guy friends,

and they're always like,

"Oh, but, Joel,like, you're so lucky.

"Like, I wish I were gay.

"You know, like, if I were gay,

"I'd just be fuckingall the time, you know?

"Like, it'd bea whole new world for me--

just nonstop fucking."

And it's like,

we grade on a much sharper curvein the gay community.

We really do. Like, in Chicago,where I'm from originally,

I was, like, a seven, you know,and then I moved to New York,

and I find outI'm, like, a six on a good day.

And then I come hereto Los Angeles,

and I find out I'm, like,a solid burn victim, you know.

Like, it's just not...