Exclusive - Road to Roast Battle - Sean White vs. Xavier Lamont - Uncensored

Road to Roast Battle Season 1, Ep 1 07/24/2016 Views: 2,945

Sean White doesn't hold back when he takes on Xavier Lamont and things get so heated that even the judges can't believe what they're hearing. (1:37)

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- Sean.


Let's Roast!

- Hey man when you were born was it Vaginal Caesarean

or you just eat your way out?

(crowd laughing)

- Give him cookie.

- I love that you got introduced to the fact

that your family died and that you talk about it on stage.

That's incredible for the lead suspect in all their murders.

That's real, real OJ of you my nigga.

That's crazy!

- Too bad we're not roasting him for real

cause there'd be enough of his fat ass

to feed this whole city block.

(crowd Laughs)

Just the foot he's gonna lose to Diabetes

is enough to feed thiswhole muthafuckin room.

(crowd laughing)

The only reason why I feel bad beating you

'cause I'm a Southern White male

and frankly it's cliche.

(crowd laughing)

- He's a witty comedian.

He's a Southern gentleman.

He's like a modern Mark Twain.

If Mark Twain used nigger way, way more.

(crowd laughing)

_ Sean, man you (chuckles)

I would drink with you just so you'd talk about me

though I'd slap the shit out of your head.

(crowd laughing)

But (laughs)

- There was like a minute in the middle of his thing

where I'm like, he is the Devil.

When you look at him, he is the Devil.

He's dressed...

- He's gonna stealsomeone's soul tonight.

- Yeah.


- It's another clean sweep, Jeff

whatchu got?

- Wow, Sean congrats.

You don't have to sell Meth out of an Uber anymore.

(laughing loudly)

- Carry him.

- There we go, oh Jesus.

- Ah.


- Xavier just had three tiny heartaches.