Trevor Noah - The Hoodie Is the Problem

Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation Season 1, Ep 1 11/22/2015 Views: 14,910

Trevor Noah talks about the many recent incidences of police brutality against black men and tries to figure out how he can steer clear of the same fate. (1:55)

Every day I turn on the TV

another black personis being shot.

So I just want to knowhow not to get shot, you know?

I try and learn, I really do.I try and learn, you know?

It all started in the lower--in the lower echelons

of enforcement, community watch,

George Zimmerman, shot Trayvon,the young boy.

And the story started offwith "Man shoots boy."

Everyone was like,"Yeah, this is horrible.

This is disgusting."

But then the news, for somestrange reason, the next day

they just forget and then theystart asking other questions.

"Well, why was he wearinga hoodie?

What was he doing, and whywas he wearing a hoodie?"

I was like, "Oh, is that--sothat's--so don't wear a hoodie."

That's what it is, the hoodie.It's very frightening.

You don't knowwhat's going on under there.

Yeah, we've all seen"Star Wars."

It's the creepiest thing ever.Yeah, yeah.

It's the dark side.And so I was like,

oh, if I don't wear a hoodiethen I'm safe.

No one's gonna shoot meif I don't wear a hoodie.

you cut forward,and then the next thing you know

it's Mike Brown in Ferguson,and he gets shot by the police.

Unarmed, gets shot.

You know, like a man was unarmedand he got shot,

and I was like,"Oh, this is disgusting."

And they said, "But also,he approached the police officer

"apparently, and he may or maynot have scuffled with him.

We don't know,but he approached him."

And I was like, okay, okay,don't wear a hoodie

and don't approach the police.Don't go towards the police.

You see police,you go the other way.

You got the other way from--Okay, cool. I got it.

So no hoodies,no approaching the police.

This is it, I'm learning.I'm learning. This is--

But then--but then the next guycomes on the news,

Eric Garnerin New York City.

And there he is,he's standing and the police,

they apprehend himand they start choking him.

He doesn't go towards them.He doesn't--

He's standing therewith his arms up,

and he gets choked to deathby six policemen.

And then they come on the newsand they say--and they go,

"Well, you gotta understand,for these police, I mean,

"this was a--this was a pretty big guy.

"He was a pretty big guy.He was scary.

He was a really scary,big black guy."

And I'm like, "Okay, cool.So don't be a big black guy

"and then you should be fine.

Don't be a big black guyand then I should"--

And every day I look in themirror and I'm like, "Good job."