"Hey It's Fluffy!" - New Girl Pt. 1

Steve Simeone & G Reilly Season 3, Ep 4 10/25/2014 Views: 2,742

After Martin's grandmother dies, he meets a young lady who is just as tortured and depressed as he is. (1:58)

But we know thatMartin's grandmother

is in abetter place.

How is dirt a better place?


I mean, if you're a bone,I understand,

but not if you're Grandma.

'Cause nobody's gonnawant to dig up Grandma

for later and chow down.Shut up.

Don't tell me to shut up.

Unite us together again,

one family...

Are you okay,Martin?

She was aliveyesterday.

Now she's gone.


I'm great.

Ha ha!

I will take thatas a yes.

I'm worried aboutMartin, you guys.

He's actingreally weird.

Speaking of weird,

check out the new girl.

You just killedthat butterfly.

So what?

The average life spanof a butterfly

is like a month.

It was probablyon its deathbed.

I'm Jane.

Do you like death, too?


Want to show death

we're not afraid of it...together?

Hell yeah!

That's soawesome.

Hi, Jane.

Who's this dude?

My ex-boyfriend.

I want you back, Jane.

Nothing can get me back,Derrick.


What if I challengeyour new boyfriend

to a duelto the death?


Wait, what?

You guys fight.

The winner gets me.

There's a thunderstormon its way, dude.

Meet me at the top ofthe library clock tower

in 20 minutes.

And wear a tinfoil hat,

the most dangerous hatto wear in a thunderstorm.

I'll meetyou there.

Martin, youcan't do this.

And you're definitelynot supposed to die

because of somestupid girl.

Friendship versus tail,

the eternal conundrum.

(thunder crashes)