The Secret Service Subtweets Donald Trump

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 08/10/2016 Views: 285

The Secret Service aimed a vague tweet at Donald Trump, so Jimmy Pardo, David Krumholtz and Doug Benson read more exasperated posts from the agency. (1:47)

The fallout continues

from the incendiary commentsmade yesterday

by rich-guy-taking-a-dareway-too-far

-Donald Trump, when he...-(laughter)

...seemed...seemed to imply, uh,

encouraging violenceagainst Hillary Clinton.

Not... I mean, he didn'tflat-out say it,

but there was an implication.

CNN captured this GIFof an audience member's

real-time reaction to Trump's

thinly-veiledsecond amendment threat.

Uh, here it is.

Oh. Oh! Ho, ho, ho, ho.

-He sure...-Ho, ho! -That's rich!

He sure crossed a line,Mrs. Claus.


(applause and cheering)

-Nice.-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Uh, with an unprecedentedpossible death threat

against a presidential nomineefrom a rival candidate,

the Secret Service leaptinto action,

leaving the White House lawnexposed.


...on social media by releasingthe following tweet.



That is mildlypassive-aggressive.

Weirdly, they followed this upwith an Arthur meme captioned,

"When there's an assassinationthreat on Bae."

(laughter, applause)


the tone of the previousTwitter post is pretty annoyed.

What's another exasperated tweet

we might see fromthe Secret Service? Jimmy Pardo.

Hey, @berniesanders,your Uber has arrived.

-HARDWICK: All right. Yeah.-(laughter)

-Please get in it. Please.-Yeah, let's go.

-Moving on.-Uh, Dave Krumholtz.

Hey, @realDonaldTrump,there's only so much we can do,

so shut the (bleep) up.

-HARDWICK: All right. All right.-(laughter, applause & cheering)

Uh, Doug Benson.

The Secret Service is tired oftweets

about the Netflix show Stranger Things.

-We're only on episode two.-HARDWICK: All right, perfect.