BT Kingsley - White Dudes & Recession Food

Sacramento Season 1, Ep 4 10/23/2016 Views: 1,618

BT Kingsley reveals the strangest celebrity he was ever told he looks like and explains how he knows that the recession was real. (2:05)

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you know who are the worst?White dudes.

White men.

This white dude stopped mein the airport,

ran four gatesto catch up with me.

He's like,"Hey, dude, slow down.

"You look just like this guyin this movie."

I said, "Sir, if youdon't get out of my face..."

He said, "No, you look likethis dude in this movie.

"it had Arnold Schwarzeneggerin it.

He had a whole bunch of sand.There was a tiger."


I said, "I knowhe talking about 'Conan,'

"but there weren't noblack people in Conan.

Wait, you trying to sayI look like Grace Jones?"


He told me--[laughing]

He told me I look likeGrace Jones.

To my face,he told me straight to my face.

[laughing]"You need to get out my face."

After that, I say,"No more lying.

You got to startbeing honest with yourself."

Everybody say,"Be honest with yourself."

all: Be honest with yourself.- Stop lying to yourself.

all: Stop lying to yourself.

- If there's any dudes in here,and you over 30,

and you just started rapping?You not gonna make it.

[laughter, cheers]

Look how--"That's right.That's right, James.

"Get out that studio, James."


I'm having a good timeright now.

I'll be honest with y'all.

This vest is a lot tighterthan I thought it was.


I wasn't gonna say nothing,but I be like,

"Ooh, this vest is snug."

I would take the vest off--that tie comes to right there,

I promise on everything I love.

I'm serious, okay?I [inaudible].

I'ma just tuck it back in.Be honest with yourself.

Like, stuff be going on--

people don't bepaying attention.

Look, this recession was real.I was in denial.

I said, "Ain't no recession.They just trying to make 'em

look bad." You know howI know the recession was real?

Recession food went up.

I don't knowif y'all notice or not,

noodles is $0.32 a pack now.

I say noodlesis $0.32 a pack now.

Y'all don't eat noodles in here?

Are we acting fancy'cause TV in here tonight.

Y'all notgonna make me feel bad.

I eat the good noodles, okay?

Orange is chicken,red is beef,

pink is...all: Shrimp!

Okay, well thenstop acting like that.