Jim Breuer - Goats at the Zoo

Dana Gould Season 1, Ep 5 08/25/1997 Views: 12,901

Some people like to get high and mimic the goats. (2:00)

As a comedian, you know,

I get to travel a lot and stuff

like that.

And it stinks, because during

the day, you don't have a whole

lot to do.

So I used to love going to

zoos, and I brought my friend

there one time, you know.

And he's like, "Before we go in

the zoo, man, I gotta do what I

gotta do, man,

'cause the animals are what's

funny in that state of

condition, man."


For entertainment, Gene just

stood there,

bent down to this goat,

just mimicking goats for a half


He'd just go like, "Ssh, let me

do it, man.

Hold on, man."

[imitates goat]

[laughter and applause]

And then I don't know if, like,

the goats thought he was the

goat god, 'cause they'd go

crazy, like, 40 different goats.

[imitating goats]


[cheers and applause]

[buzzard sounds]

Do we get prizes?

But there was always one old

goat in the back.

And he couldn't really

do anything.

[imitates old goat croaking]

So what you hear is, like--

[imitates goats]


Like, "Come on, Mr. Goat,

you can do it, man.

Come here, man.

Come here, man.

Come on, man.

Come on.

[imitates goat]


"Give me some of my stuff, man.

Nobody's gonna know, man.

You're so paranoid.

Shut up, man."

[inhaling loudly]

[blows loudly]

[imitates goat]

Thank you all. Thank you.

Have a good night.

Thank you.

All right.

[cheers and applause]