Maronzio Vance - Race Question

Maronzio Vance Season 1, Ep 8 06/01/2012 Views: 5,078

Maronzio Vance imagines how he could explain the history of racism to his teenage daughter. (2:46)

I got mad when I votedfor Obama

'cause all these people were,like, my white friends,

"Oh, you're voting for Obama'cause he's black."

I was, like, "No, it hasnothing to do with color.

"I'm not voting for himbecause he's black.

"I'm voting for him'cause he's not white.

There is a difference."

Not even about race.

Like, I thought when Obamabecame president, you know,

it'd bring race relationstogether.

Like, I thought peoplewould get along better.

It didn't help that much.

We was coolfor, like, two weeks,

and then it went back to normal.

Um, it did.'Cause I'm from the South.

Like, I went hometo North Carolina.

I have a 13-year-old daughter.

And we went home,I went home for Christmas

to take her Christmas shopping.

And we in the mallshopping, right?

In the food court eating,trying to enjoy ourselves.

And Obama's on his teleprompter.He's talking or whatever.

And these two white guysare standing in front

of the TV screen.

And out of nowherethey just yell out,

"That (bleep) ain'tmy president."

And, like, walked off.

And then my daughter turnedto me, and she asked me,

"Daddy, why do white peoplehate black people so much?"

And it caught me off guard

because I wasn't readyfor a racism question.

Like, I had a sex answer ready.

But she asked me about race,

and I really don't know howto explain race to my daughter.

Like, she's 13 years old.Like, do I tell her the truth?

That's a lot to digest.

Like, do I tell her,"Look, sweetheart,

"we was in Africa one day, um,playing volleyball,

"and, um, a boat pulled up,and was, like,

"'Hey, what are you guys doingtoday?'

"And we was, like,'Nothing. Why?'

"And they was, like, 'Uh,y'all want to go on a trip?'

"We was, like, 'Whoa.How much is it?'

"And y'all was, like,'It's free.'

"We was, like, 'What the hell?We ain't got to work tomorrow.'

"And then we got on the boatand we came to America.

"And then when we got offthe boat,

"they was, like,'Build us a country.'

"We was, like,'Whoa, you ain't say nothing

about building a country.'

"And then they hit uswith a whip.

"We were, like, 'All right,this one time

we'll build this country, andthen we getting out of here.'

"And then we workedand built the country.

"And they was, like, 'All right,y'all get the hell out of here.

We don't need y'allanymore.'

"And we was, like,'Whoa, hold up.

'Um, we didn't really save upany money or anything

''cause we been workingfor free so long.

'Like, at least let us dropsome applications in,

'and save up to buy a boatand a GPS system

'cause we don't know howwe got here.'

And we been here ever since."

Now that's a lot to explainto a 13-year-old.

But as a parent, if your childasks you something,

even if you don't know theanswer, you just say something

and pray to Godthey don't go Google it

and come back later and be,like, "You a liar.

You don't know either.So what's the answer?"