Uncensored - April Macie - Men Have No Shame

Russ Meneve, April Macie, Ralphie May Season 1, Ep 4 05/04/2014 Views: 4,797

April Macie explains how she found out that men don't experience shame along with sex. (1:45)

Ah, shit.

That's a lot of clapping.

All right, it's the ladyportion of the show.

And, yeah, I w--oh it's exciting.

I wish I had a dick too.

I do.

Do you like yourpenis, young man?

I love it.You love it.

Yeah, ya do, ya dirtyfucking pervert.

Yeah, ya do.

Men, you guys are taught to beproud of yourselves sexually,

right? Like, your dad pullsyou aside, how old?

Like 12, 13, right?

He's like,you're a man now.

You're a man.

I want you to get out thereand I want you to beat off,

young man,you're a man now.

Nobody ever pullstheir daughter aside.

Like, tiny circles, littlelady, tiny circles.


Yeah, make mommy proud.

Get out there anddiddle, little girl.

I didn't know.

I honestly didn't know that mendidn't experience shame with sex

the same waythat women do.

Until one day, my best friend,he called me one morning at

like 5:00 am andhe woke me up.

He was like, "April.


I had sex with thisold woman last night."

And, then he said, "after I hadsex with her, she gave me stew

to take home ina Cool Whip container."

I was like, that'sreally gross.

Why are you wakingme up with this shit?

And, he said, "'cause I wantyou to come over for stew."

He wasn't ashamed.

He kept calling the stew, hisold lady crockpot sex treats.

And, it was delicious.

All right.