Adam Lowitt - Cell Phone Robbery Pt. 2

Dan St. Germain, Adam Lowitt, Andy Zaltzman, Dana Gould Season 3, Ep 6 08/24/2012 Views: 6,945

Adam Lowitt discovers that crime and politeness are on the rise in New York City. (2:13)

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I am just "NYPD Blue"-ing it,like,

over benches, aroundpeople and I'm screaming like

a child, "that guy stole myphone!

"That guy stole my phone!"

Because it's New York,everyone just checks to make

sure they have their phone...and just keeps on walkin'.

A real sense of communitywe're building around here.

I was getting pretty close, Iwas getting really close to

this guy and that's when it hitme that I don't have a plan

which you run into alot being an impromptuvigilante like I was.

Honestly, I'm just naiveenough to think,

"well, maybe if I get close,he'll just appreciate

"the effort, you know?"

Hand it back to me likea baton in some

weird, sort of corrupt relayrace...

which is not so farfrom what happened.

I got my phone back bywhining about it.

I got my phone... I was chasingafter this guy way longer

than either of usanticipated.

And the words justcame out of my mouth:

"oh, come on, man,that's mine!"

which has never beenyelled to a thief before.

I even overheard a pigeongoing, "what a pussy."

And I don't know if Istruck a nerve with

this guy, if he had had a badday or,

as we were running, herealized we didn't even have

the same service provider...but he just stopped in his

tracks, turned around and asI stood there waiting to get

shot over a cell phone,

he tossed it back to meand goes, "my bad."


And then just casuallywalked away.

And "my bad, my..." Was thereever a debate about whose bad?

I love that he kind ofapologized.

It's great, so don't worry,New Yorkers: crime is on

the rise but so is politeness.