Nick Kroll - The Texties

Nick Kroll: Thank You Very Cool Season 1, Ep 1 01/29/2011 Views: 67,284

Nick Kroll believes that texting, like poetry, is a fine art that should be rewarded. (1:36)

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But I do think, like,Facebook and emailing

And texting, like, is really, it's a fine art.

It's like poetry, it'sreally hard to do well.

And that's why I thinkwe should rewardthe great ones

And that's why I wantto have an award ceremony

for textingcalled 'The Textys'.

And it would be like:And the Texty for

Best Blowoff of a CollegeBuddy in Town

for the Weekend...

Goes to Mike for:

"Dunno sleepy let'smeet up next time."


And the Texty

for Worst Attempt at aBooty Text at 2:30in the Morning

After Watchingthe Movie Wild Things...

goes to Birchman for:

"You up?"


And the Texty

for Worst Use ofan Exclamation Point

goes to Lauren for:



And the Textyfor Best Response

to the Question'Are We Breaking Up?'

goes to Larry for:

"New phone who dis?"