The Great Train Debate

09/07/2016 Views: 735

When a man is hit and killed by a train, the town's mayor tries to improve safety, but the townspeople start blaming the victim. (2:03)

(crowd yelling)

- People! People please!

I know you're all upset.

As you all know, at 6:15PM yesterday evening,

a train derailed and hit a man named Jamaal Crenshaw,

killing him instantly.

Now, I know that safety is your number one concern,

which is why we decided

to temporarily suspend train 432 from operational status.

(crowd yelling)

- This is outrageous!

- I don't know about y'all, but the way I was raised

if you don't wanna get hit by a train,

don't take the steps to get hit by a train.

- What?

- I stand near the tracks all the time

and trains never fly off and hit me.

- It's interesting you should bring that up,

because a study was just conducted

that said people like Jamaal are approximately,

let me get this number right,

one billion times more likely to get hit

by a malfunctioning train than someone like you.

- We don't want data!

We want answers!

- Look, we have a videoof it hitting the man.

- We don't know what happened before that video started.

(crowd agreeing)

- We are suspending the train, and that is final!

An innocent man was killed!

- Innocent, huh?

Well I don't believe he's so innocent, after all!

Age 19:


(crowd gasps)

Age 22: Litterin'!

(crowd gasps)

Age 23: Jaywalkin' again!

(crowd yells)

Mr. Man, this man ispossessed by the devil!

- Are you saying that this man deserved

to get hit by a train because he committed

a few misdemeanors?

- You hate trains!

(crowd yells in agreement)

- No I don't! I don't hate trains!

Look. Ignoring the factis not helping anyone

in this situation.

We need to learn from the situation.

Y'know, work together,

and move forward.

If we can institute some sort of policy

make some changes,

then maybe, just maybe,

less black people will be shot by the police for no reason!

- Who's getting shot?

- Big city, smart lookin'...

- Nevermind.