Na'im Lynn - Nah, I'm Lyin'

Na'im Lynn Season 1, Ep 3 05/18/2012 Views: 3,324

Na'im Lynn has noticed that people who mispronounce his name don't like to be corrected. (1:06)

You ever have somebodymess your name up,

but then when you correctthem, they get mad at you

like you did something wrong?

"How you doing, Raheem?"

"Actually, it's Na'im."

"Well, excuse the hellout of me, Na'im."

I did a show at this college.

They had a poster with my nameon it.

Nobody knew who I was.

My name is spelled, N-A-'-I-M.

My last name is L-Y-N-N.

So when the students came upto me after the show,

he was like, "Man,

I thought your name"Nah, I'm lying."


I said, "You must be ona football scholarship, huh?"

Nah, but look out.I got a lot of stuff coming out.

Man, this has been a greatyear for me so far.

This show right here.

I just got my first movie,which is a big thing.

(audience cheering)

Yeah. After all these years,

after all these years,they finally coming out.

with a Coming to America II.So I'm gonna be in that.

Nah, I'm lying.