Ancient Records Not Broken by Michael Phelps

Monday, August 15, 2016 08/15/2016 Views: 347

Michael Phelps set a new record at the summer games, so Yakov Smirnoff, Flula Borg and Maeve Higgins name other ancient records that have recently been broken. (1:35)

One of the most impressive featsof this Olympiad

happened last weekwhen America hero

and muscular ear modelMichael Phelps...

-(laughter)-broke an Olympic record

held for 2,168 years withhis 13th individual gold medal.

He beat the record setby Leonidas of Rhodes

in 152 BC.

There he ison an ancient box of Wheaties,


before they made a rule thatathletes could no longer appear

on a box with their dick out.


-BORG: Oh, there it is.-Oh. Must... Yeah.


Kind of hard to...sort of hard to see.

That must bethe Winter Olympics.


I don't know.So, comedians...

what's... what'sanother ancient record

that's been broken recently?

-Yakov Smirnoff. -Well,hundred and thirty athletes,

uh, were, uh,disqualified in this Olympics,

-which was a record.-Mm-hmm.

Which proves that using steroids can help you break records.

Yeah, yeah, that's true.Oh! That is an excellent point.

Points. Yeah. Excellent point.

-Flula Borg.-Uh, I was just reading

that Kanye Westhas recently achieved

the highest self-esteemof all time.


The record was first set by God.

-All right, points.-(laughter)

And he... he just beat it,he just beat it.

Yeah, he beat it.

He knew he was gonna do that.

He knew. He knew the whole time.He called that on Snapchat.