Norm Macdonald - Game Shows

Macdonald, Dillery, Hodge Season 1, Ep 4 05/23/1994 Views: 8,315

The prize on "The Dating Game" is another contestant. (1:52)

People bidding big money, that'smy favorite thing, you know.

I love seeing that.

You ever see The Dating Game?

That's a weird gameshow there, huh?

The prize- the prize on thatshow, another contestant.


-Talk about cheap, you know.

They chuck you somebodyelse on the show.

And they always do thesame thing on the show.

They get a beautiful girl, matchher up with three giant dorks,

you know.

Last week they had a guy on,was like a crazy guy, loony

bin, psycho, wing nut, you know.

You could tell by theway they introduce him.

Go, "bachelor number two is aa shadowy, lurking character."


-From no fixed address, pleasewelcome, he's- he's just a guy.

His hobbies include skulkingand thinking the world

owes him a living.

Here's he is.

Menacing figure comes shamblinginto the studio there,

you know.

And then- then they make thegirls ask those questions,

you know.

They're always- always lacedwith sexual innuendo, you know.

-Like, the girl'll go,"bachelor number two, if I were

a Popsicle, whatwould you do to me?"



Suck it.

-What would you do to me if Iwere a Popsicle That's what it

says on the card here, somethingabout a- about a Popsicle.

So the guy's, "Oh, ifyou're a popsicle, huh?

Well, first of all, I guessI'd take your wrapper off."


-"If you know what I mean.

Then I'd grab a holdof your sticks,"


-"If you know what I mean.

Then I'd press you against thecounter till you broke in two."



-"Put half of you inthe freezer till later,"


-"You know what I mean."


-Some kind of crazy noise there.