Zach's Advice

What Nose Up... Must Come Down Season 1, Ep 7 12/23/2013 Views: 676

Zach Galifianakis has an idea that he thinks will help Brody feel more fulfilled. (1:23)

BRODY (O.S.):What are you looking at?

What is this look?Friendly guy on toilet?

Friendly guy on toilet, yes.

Zach, these are getting me work.If it's not broken, don'tfix it.

I get you work.

Oh, you got me-- oh, I guess youdid.

You know, I think what would begood for you, Brody,

What?Since being in the...

entertainment business

You're forced to bein your own head a lot.


Well, it can drive youcrazy, right?

I've had that problem.

I was thinking, recently...

that maybe what would be goodfor you, is to volunteer.

Open up to other people's needsand helping other people...

helps you feel more fulfilled...Right.

I think.

And that's what I dowith audience warm-up.I help the crowd--

Three, two, one!Here we go, big energy!

That's what I'm talking about.

They are not in needof anything,

Maybe if you went somewhereto like a place to volunteer,a soup kitchen or a--

I like soup.The soup's not for you.

I like Campbell soup.

The soup is-- you're not eat--

I like Chunky man soup.

I like Soup Doggy Dogg.Matzo Ball soup.

Things of that nature.

Why are you talkinginto a microphone?

Just practicing my podcasting.

Look, it doesn't have to bebroadcast. There's a beauty inbeing discreet in your life.

You know that, right? You don'thave to share everything.

Can I tweet that?