Female Orgasms

Mysteries of the Female Orgasm Season 1, Ep 15 07/05/2016 Views: 8,905

Nikki volunteers for a scientific study that tries to make sense of the mysterious female orgasm. (4:20)

So, what do you guys think isactually happening

inside your bodywhen you're having an orgasm?

Your organsare just shaking.

-Things get bigger and bigger.-What gets bigger?

There's wordsfor all those things,

but I forgetwhat they are.

Like in seventh grade

when you did that scienceexperiment with the two bottles.

You think vinegarand baking soda...Yeah.

...are just rushingto your vagina.

And you just, "Pssh!"

And that's what happens --volcano vagina.

Nikki: It seems like mostwomen don't understand

the science behindthe female orgasm.

So, I sat downwith Dr. Nicole Prause,

a neuroscientistwho was conducting

a groundbreaking studymeasuring the female orgasm.

So, you're basically theNeil deGrasse Tyson of pussy.

Oh, my God.I hope so.

What is an orgasm?I have no ideawhat an orgasm is.

We don't really knowwhat exactly triggers it.

We don't actually havegood data on that,

but we can use physicalmeasurements to see

whether or not a womanis having contractions

that we think arethe main hallmark of orgasm.

How do you, on your end,

know if a ladyis having an orgasm,

aside from the camerapanning up to the moon?

We put an electric deviceinto a butt plug.

So, just...typical Tuesday.

And so,that probe measures the...

The rhythmic puckeringthat happens with orgasms.

-Rhythmic puckering.-Mm-hmm.

I lovethat Paul Simon album.

Can some peoplejust not have an orgasm,

like Kirk Cameron's wife?

Some people physically justcannot have orgasms.

Do you think that,in our future,

we'll see a Viagrafor women?

The companies have been tryingfor many years,

and many of them have given upafter spending billions.

So, Big Pharma was tryingto give us orgasms,

and it's just beenreally hard

and so they kind of justgave up.

It honestly -- it sounds likemost men in America.

So, how many womenhave you gotten off?

Uh, we've had about 20 womenthrough the protocol so far.


Nikki: Dr. Prause's studycould help countless women,

but as all federal fundinghas gone to dick research,

she must rely solelyon volunteers.

So, sign my pussy up.

Have you guys ever useda butt plug before?


I've never put anythingup my butt.Oh, wow.

I'll ask you to insert the buttplug while you're masturbating.

-Ready to do this?-Ready to do it.

-Let's plug up the butt.-Yeah, let's do it.

All right, so,we're just gonna walk in here.

And you want to go aheadand hop up on the table.

[ Door closes ]

What's going on in there?

She's got the device in.

Which we can see -- she's movingaround a little bit.

See, that looks likemy grandmother's signature.

-Whew.-Great, how did it go?

I have been found.

This is likethe Dow Jones.

That was great.

She's flatlining.

It fell out a couple times.

That was a little more actionthan what -- Ooh.

That was actually nottoo bad.

You feel like it stayedin okay?

I sat on itso it didn't come out.

You want to go ahead and put thedevice in just like we showed?


Yeah, something'shappening here.

The Rock better getin a helicopter,

because there isan earthquake a'coming.

Did you see that movie?

"San Andreas."It's not that good.

All right, how did it go?


Nikki:Now it was my turn.

The pressure was on...my clit.

I'm sorry.That was -- that was bad.

Since you have on pants,you're gonna take those off

so you'll be nudefrom the waist down.

Keep talking.

And then you put the...right up in there.

Can I listen to audioof my boyfriend crying?

That does it for mefor some reason.

Yeah, sure.

It's all up to you now.

You get, like, a good luckor anything?

-Good luck.-Thanks, coach.

Nikki: Jesus Christ.

I always got to do this.

Oh, yeah,it's just you and me, wand.

[ Soft jazz music plays ]

The data was logged,the numbers were crunched,

and the results...

I'm done.

Hopefully the researchI provided today

will help thosewho come after me -- literally.

Would you say that this is a newfrontier, the female orgasm?


I can't believe this workwasn't done 40 years ago.

And this is excitingthat we have been

a part of this research.

You know how we sent dogsto space first?

We're the dogs.-Bitches.

Yes, Rhoda.

You're a bitch.

You're all bitches.