Natasha Leggero - Playboy Radio

Natasha Leggero: Live at Bimbo's Season 1, Ep 1 08/22/2015 Views: 12,620

Natasha Leggero explains why Playboy Radio is ruining the women's movement. (1:33)

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You know whats worse though

than the musicis the talk radio.

Okay, whoever has inventedPlayboy Radio has forgotten

the one thing you don't wantPlaymates to do is talk.

And they give advice.So these guys will call in,

and it's just like,"Oh, yeah... (low grunting)

How you doing, Timber?"

They're always, like,mid-masturbation.


Listen, uh, I'm a retired vet.(grunts)"

"Oh, my God, I love animals."

"Oh, yeah, I'll bet you do,Timber. Listen, uh,

"I need some advice.Uh, I really

want to (bleep)my stepdaughter."

"Well, one thing I will sayis that my stepdad waited for me

"to move out of the housebefore he (bleep) me,

and I really respect himfor that?"

Like, these girlsdo this thing now

where they say a statementbut they phrase it

like a question?

And if you talk like that,

you're ruiningthe women's movement?

No other job can you get awaywith talking like that.

"This is your pilot speaking?"

"We just got your X-ray back?"

"I have a dream?"