Cristela Alonzo - Halloween Is the Worst

Cristela Alonzo Season 2, Ep 12 06/07/2013 Views: 53,700

There's a specific reason why Cristela Alonzo cannot pull off a sexy French maid costume. (1:32)

I'm a tomboy.

I grew up with brothers,you know.

Not very girly.

I love being a tomboy, though.

My favorite thing to doon the weekends is go outside

and watch the girlsthat are wearing, like,

the tight clothes.

Like, in the high heels,walking around, you know,

trying to look sexy.

It's like they're saying,"Oh, yeah.

Come and get it."

Worst time of the yearjust passed months ago.

Halloween, that'sthe worst time, you know?

'Cause the girls dress up in,like, the little

costumes, you know?

It's like, "Mmm...

"I'm a sexy French maid.


I can't do that.

I'd just look like a maid.


That's the last thing I needfor me to try to turn

my boyfriend on-- he's like,"Look who's doing some cleaning.

"All right.

Here's my laundry."

I hate Halloween, you know.

My favorite day is the dayafter Halloween.

'Cause that's when you see allthe sexy girls in the costumes

doing the walk of shameback home-- I love it.

'Cause the sexy kittenisn't sexy anymore, you know?

She's got a broken ear.

The sexy bunny...

the bunny is missing a tail.

They look likethe abused pet commercials

from the Sarah McLachlan,you know?

Like this...


This sexy cat lost its tailbanging a pirate.

You know?