Best Comedian Advice

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Dan St. Germain advises kids to believe in their dreams and have no dignity. (1:54)

-The best advice I evergot from an older comedian

was probably just, shut up.

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-In stand up comedy it'snot about looking cool,

it's about coming off as real.

-That's exactly the hardestthing to do as a comic is just

to take whoever you are--that funny guy in front

of your friends--take that on stage

and have that with the audience.

It's not as easy as it looks.

-Never take classes.

Never pay anybodymoney to start.

-Just keep going on stage.

That's all you got to dois keep going on stage.

-There's no timeline.

It takes forever.

All you have to do is begood at it and not quit.


That's how I'mgoing to talk for 30

minutes so justfucking get on board.

-The best advice I evergot from an older comedian

when I was starting outwas someone told me to not

do any of the jokes I was doing.

And he told me to quit.

I'm like, I know whatyou mean-- not quit.

I was a PA atConan, and he goes,

can I give you some advice, kid?

Never have any self respect.

Fuck you.


Never have any dignity.

That's the only way tomake it in this business.

And then he like gotin the chicken suit.

-Doug Benson, who brought meon the road as his opener,

goes, you shouldtake your top sheet

off your bed in your hotel roombecause they don't wash it.

-This guy, Mike Wilmot,we did Montreal.

He said to me, I hatewhen people who do comedy

bitch about thefact that they get

to entertain peoplefor a living.

I haven't had to use myhands in over 25 years.

-Kids, believe in yourdreams and have no dignity.

All right, thank you, guys.

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