Charlie Murphy - King of Pop

Murphy, Dahle, San Juan, Waite, Rutledge, Patton, Haddish Season 4, Ep 4 11/06/2009 Views: 7,082

Over a 40 year career, Michael Jackson turned into five very different people. (0:40)

Michael Jackson.

Please, give it upfor Michael Jackson.

(cheers and applause)

That's right.

We lost a very special spirit

when we lost Michael Jackson.

And you ain't gonna never seeanother spirit like that again.

This man did a 40-year span

of great music, videos,

and along the way,

he also turned intofive different people.


And you ain't never going to seeanother show like that again.

So, give it up one more time

for the King of Pop.

That's right.