Michael Steele - Selling Donald Trump as the GOP Presidential Nominee

July 19, 2016 - Michael Steele 07/19/2016 Views: 12,263

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele weighs in on whether he can vote for Donald Trump as a black Republican and examines Hillary Clinton's candidacy. (3:53)

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Please welcome Michael Steele,everybody!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-Welcome to the show.-Hey, man,

it's great...it's cool to be here.

-What a time to be alive.-Oh, yeah.

Yeah? For-for those... for thosewho don't know, real quick,

-y-you had the jobReince Priebus now has. -Yes.

You were in chargeof the convention, basically.

If you were runningthis convention,

how would you grade it? On daytwo, what are you looking at,

what are you... Are you sayingthis-this is good-good for you?

Is this good? Yeah, yeah?

Um, it-it started out,uh, pretty good.

-Um... -Is thatwith the revolt, you mean, or...

-Well, no, no, no. They... No,no. -Oh. No, I didn't know.

-I genuinely didn't know. -No,even... No, it started out well.

-They put the gavelin the right place, -Okay.

-which was good.-Okay.

-Uh, and then there was voting.-Yes.

Uh, took place after that. Andthat's when all hell happened.

-Mm-hmm. -Uh, look,the-the fact of the matter is

this tension has been growingfor a while.

We knewcoming into this convention

that there were a significantnumber of delegates

who would be-- uh,how shall we say-- exercised

about, uh, the p-prospects

of Donald Trumpgetting the nomination.

Let's-let's geta discussion going.

-You are a Republican.-I am.

Okay.Are you a black Republican?

-I am.-Okay. Just checking.

You may be very tanned.You never know.

Yeah, you never know.

But I'm black first.

How... do you justify

voting for Donald Trump?

Uh, I saidfrom the very beginning,

going back to the primary,that, uh,

when asked about who I supportedin the primary--

and I didn't support anyonein the primary-- my view was

I was waiting for someoneto run for president.

Because I was expectingand hoping the party would have

a different conversation thanthe one we currently are having

-with the country.-Yes.

Um, number two, um,

this process ends tonight,all right?

The first part of thisends tonight.

He has secured the nomination.

Um, his speech on Thursdaywill tell the tale

on whether or notDonald Trump is ready

to be presidentof the United States.

And everything he doesbetween now and November

will be dictatedby how he begins this moment.

So that's when the clockstarts running for me.

Before I let you go--

and this is...I'm not trying to trap you,

-I'm not trying to trick you.-Okay.

I'm just trying to geta conversation started here.

-All right.-So, we're going on one side...

Let's say I-I give youa concession, let's say

we say okay, fine-- there is aDonald Trump people don't know.

There is a Donald Trump whois good, there's a Donald Trump

who has helped minorities,whether it be in New York

-or wherever it is.-Right.

Uh, let's say there isgood in Donald Trump

that is hard to seewhen you look at him.

Let... But let's saythere is good.

I ask you this, I ask you this:on the flip side, with Hillary,

Republicans come outand say the devil,

the liar, the worst,the murderer, lock her up,

no right to be president.

And everyone discountsevery single year

and every single achievementand everything

that she has worked towards--apart from whether or not

you believe she should have the presidency,

do you believethat she's qualified?

-And I'm not trying to trickyou. -Absolutely. No, I won't

even... No, it's not tr...it's not a trick question.

Absolutely, she is. Absolutely,she's qualified. And...

(cheering, applause)

and I'll tell you...I'll take it one step further,

because, you know, it...the fact of the matter is

she has grown beyond first lady.

She's secretary of state,regardless of what you think

about her service, it's anaccomplishment that she's made.

She's learned in that capacityand has done the job.

She's been a United Statessenator in which, in fact,

she worked across the aislewith Republicans.

So you need to be awareof the opponent

standing in front of you.

And that's the mistake I hope wedon't make from the Democrat...

end of the Democratic conventionnext week to November.

Thank you so much, my friend.

-Thank you.-(applause)

I really appreciate it.

Michael Steele, my friend.We'll be right back.