Slow Your Roll Season 2, Ep 7 05/13/2014 Views: 50,637

Unresolved issues come to the surface after Amy finds some troubling pictures among her new boyfriend's things. (2:29)

But they should just do a"Real World: Massachusetts."



I'm gonna headto class.


I can't believeyou're still in school.

It makes me feel likesuch a cougar.

I'm not still in school.

I'm studying formy PhD.

I'm, uh-- I'mactually older than you.

For now.



Can you grabmy psych textbook?

It's right there onthe table.

Oh, yeah, sure--This one?



Excuse me?

What's wrong?

Um, why do you have allthese pictures

of mymother's vagina?

The ink blots?

The ink pictures.

Of my mother'svagina!

Um, yeah,I don't think those are-

Here's my mom's vagina beforeshe was pregnant with me.

This is my mom'svagina

when she didn't want toteach me how to ride a bike.

Jesus, the detail.

Where do you see a bikein that?

I mean, these are-These are for my class.

Yeah, your class-- Well, whatclass is that, Drew?

The Draw PicturesOf Your Girlfriend's

Mother's Vagina class?

Seems likeyou're acing it!

Um, first of all,I think "girlfriend"

is a strong term for usat this point.

Here's my mother's vaginawhen she was my age.

Here's my mom's vagina whenI came home drunk from college

and I got in a fightwith her

and I accused herof stealing my style,

Okay, okay, okay, okay.I feel so guiltyabout that.

Sit down,sit down, sit down.

Why did I do that?

Amy, did you actually seeyour mother's vagina

in these scenarios?

You're not a doctoryet, okay?

Slow yourroll, ass (bleep).

Okay.God, you're so sick.

I've onlyknown you three weeks.

Well, that'swhat I was saying

about the "girlfriend"thing.

I mean,and how can you possibly

identify your mother'svagina?

You meanhow did I identify

the origin of my whole(bleep) life?

You're a freak,Drew-- You're a sick freak!

I- I didn't drawthose.

Well, thenwho did, my mom?

Did she keep a vagina diarywith a fountain pen?

Uh, maybe, did she?

Did you?No!

It doesn't makeany sense!

These are ink blots!

That you see whatever youwant in them.

Well then,what do you see?

So that's, like,a cloud.

And whatabout this one?

It's like a-a bear.Yeah...

And this one?

Well, that one does looklike a vagina.

Oh, yeah,I drew this earlier.

Jesus, Amy, every daywith you.

You didn't say not to drawon your stuff.