McDonald's Cheeky Holiday Cup

December 14, 2016 - Michael K. Williams 12/14/2016 Views: 22,781

A McDonald's customer alters one of the fast-food chain's holiday cups to create the image of hands spreading apart a pair of butt cheeks. (1:26)

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it's that timeof year, everybody.

Time for spreadingsome holiday cheer.

NEWSWOMAN: This is McDonald's Holiday Cup.

It clearly has a picture of plain mittens

silhouetted on it.

However, one guy saw something very different,

and made just a little adjustment.

Take a look. If you draw fingers

on the thumb of the mittens,

it instead looks like someone clasping the cheeks

of their bootay.

-(laughter)-No. No!

Yo, can I be real for a second?

What is it with Americansand holiday cups?

First you complainthat Starbucks cups...

cups aren't Christmassy enough,

and now McDonald's cupshave too much anus?

Like, what is going on?

There is no pleasingsome people.

And this isn't fair, guys.

You can draw anythingon anything.

You can't say that it's an ass.

You drew handsto make it look like an ass!

Look at the Golden Archesof McDonald's, right?

It's just an "M." But ifyou turn them upside down,

and then you draw nippleson them,

then it looks like saggy boobs.

You can't blame McDonald'sfor that.

The point is, let's allget ahold of ourselves.

Okay, well, not like that.What I... what I mean is...

what I'm saying is don't makea big deal out of this.

Although, I will say,I do love the idea

that some conservativeis looking at that cup

and going, "That's disgusting!

"'Warmest Greetings'?

This gaping butthole should besaying 'Merry Christmas!'"