Uncensored - Hannibal Buress - Dance This S**t Dry

Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago Season 1, Ep 1 03/29/2014 Views: 61,600

After taking ecstasy, Hannibal Buress is okay with some decisions that would normally seem insane. (1:12)

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I was at a party last summer,

and one my friends gave mehalf a pill of ecstasy.

I took it.It was smooth.

I was enjoying myself.

I don't know what it was

about this particular batch,

but it made me okaywith pissing myself.

Like, the whole thing.

When I was in linefor the bathroom,

I had all the intentionson going the right way.

My heart was pure,

but then all the liquidfell out of my body.

The whole batchfell out of my body,

and I thinkunder normal circumstances,

if I pissed myself,I would have said,

"Damn it,I just pissed myself.

It's time to get out of here,"but there was something

about the X that,"You know what?

"I pissed myself,but guess what.

I'm about to dancethis shit dry!"

[dance music]

Yeah, it's very exciting.

Some of my jokeshave music cues.

It's fun.

I want to dothat punch line again.

Dance that shit dry![dance music]

That's very exciting.Y'all should try comedy.

This is oneof the benefits of it.

Dance that shit dr--[dance music]

No, no.No, no, no.

I see a woman.

She looks very confusedby the situation.

Don't worry.

You're just watching a manliving out his dream

in that joke, in that joke.

All right.