Gina Yashere - Thuggery

Nick Guerra & Gina Yashere Season 2, Ep 2 10/11/2012 Views: 8,191

Gina Yashere was robbed in a taxi in Africa going 60 MPH. (2:43)

Did you even know there wasblack people in England, huh?

Look at your faces.You're confused.

Yes, I speak like this.

We are everywhere.

You look confused, sir.You looking at me like,

"Oh, my God, I think it's thebutler from Fresh Prince."

It's a scary place, people.It's scary.

All right, you guys thinkyou got thugs in America.

In America they got guysthat walk around

who think they're thugs.

"We're thugs, man.We're thugs."

"We're thugs, man, we thugs..."

That's how it looks to me."We're thugs, man.

We're thugs, man,we're thugs."

Go to Africaand see hungry thugs.

I got robbed in a taxi doing60 miles an hour, people.

(audience laughs)

That, my friends, is thuggery.

I was in Africa.

I thought, I'm safe,I'm in a taxi.

We're on the freeway,we're doing 60, we're cool.

I'm safe.

I want to film this,I want to get this on camera,

for posterity,'cause I don't know

when I'm comingback to Africa again.


So what I need to do...(audience laughing) film this.

So I thought, I'm safe,we're in a taxi.

I stuck my camcorderout of the window

and I'm filming Africa.

And then I felt... pfft.

And my camera was gone.

(audience laughs, applause)

And I'm left lookingthrough my hand.

This zoom is notas good as I remember.

(audience laughs, applauds)

It's a scary place!

You commit a murder in Nigeria,

you will get away with it.

You will. You will.

And I'll tell you why, 'cause weain't got no CSI: Nigeria.

(audience laughs)

If we did, it would stand for"Cannot Solve It."

(audience laughs, applause)

The police in Nigeriaturn up at a crime scene,

and they're like,"Okay, there's a dead body.

"There's a dead body.

There's a dead body!"

(audience laughs)

"Somebody has been killed!"

(audience laughing)

"Did you do it?

"No? Aw, shoot.

We will never catchthe killer."

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