Deleted Scene - Servant Cutbacks

Roosevelt Season 2, Ep 5 07/13/2016 Views: 345

Peepers gathers the servants to inform them that their working and living conditions just got more unlivable. (1:54)

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(classical music)

(clock ticking)

- Night, night, Mildred.

- Good night, Chauncey.

Bonsoir, Lucius, sweet dreams.

(classical music)

- Good morning, I have extraordinary news.

Theodore Roosevelt, the President of the United States

of America shall be dining at Bellacourt Manor,

and the Bellacourtshave spared no expense.

However, to offset the cost of this,

we shall be cutting backon servant luxuries.

Henceforth, the ratio ofwood chips to your gruel

shall be increased, oatmeal will be considered

a working dinner, and outhouse privileges

will be restricted to every other day.

- Mister Peepers, we hardly eat.

We never sleep.

Garfield's room and board costs more than he makes.

- It's true.

I'm drowning in debt.

- And you're behind on your payment schedule.

- We're being treated worse than prisoners.

At least they get to relieve themselves whenever they want.

- Well then, if you findyourself so very unhappy

in your present circumstances, perhaps you would

prefer the position at the wench prison, but until

that happy day arrives, I suggest you spend less time

holding strong opinions and more time holding your urine.

Do I make myself clear?

- Very.

- Now scatter!

Scatter in every direction.

We have a president to feed.

Flobelle, one word.