President-Elect Trump Talks to Taiwan

December 6, 2016 - John Legend 12/06/2016 Views: 68,157

President-elect Trump speaks with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, possibly without acknowledging the country's complicated relationship with both China and the U.S. (7:24)

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But let's focuson the man of the moment,

-president-elect Donald Trump.-(booing and groaning)

Oh, did I remind you?I'm sorry.

-(laughter and groaning)-I'm sorry. Did you forget?


Say what you will about him,but you cannot deny

the man knowshow to throw a punch.

Which shouldn't be a surprise,because with his fists,

there's very littlewind resistance.

-They just, um... you know?-(laughter)

He's basically bulliedall of his critics,

he forcibly renamedhis political rivals,

and he even calledthe New York Times

"the failing New York Times" so much

that they finallyjust went with it.

-(laughter and groaning)-But for Trump,

those were just small fry.

You see, he's alwayshad his sights set

on a much larger enemy.

I always hate that I haveto have my ties made in China.

We can't continue to allow Chinato rape our country.

China is ripping us off.

They're taking our jobs.

We want deal!

China! China. China. China.

-(laughter)-(imitating Trump): "China!"


Quick question-- how are yougonna fight a country

when you can't even pronouncetheir name?

-Jyna! Jyna.-(laughter)

I doesn't sound like a country.It sounds like a toddler

who just learned the nameof her private parts.

-That's what it sounds like.-(laughter)

-"Jyna! Jyna!"-(laughter)

-"Jyna, Jyna, Jyna! Jyna!"-(laughter)

"That's where my tiescome from!"


And, by the way, by the way,

why do Donald Trump's suitsfit so poorly?

Like, he's talking aboutall his clothes made in China.

I don't understandwhy they fit like this.

They're made for you and by you.

Why would they fit so badly?

Like, I wouldn't be shockedif his suits fit like that

because he exaggerateshis measurements to his tailors.

"No, my arm is this long.It's this long!"

-(laughter)-It doesn't make sense.

Now, since the '80s,

Trump has been itchingto pick a fight with Jyna.

And even thoughit's still 44 days

before he officiallytakes office,

he's already starting (bleep).

In an unprecedented move,

Trump took a callfrom Taiwan's president,

which broke more than threedecades of diplomatic tradition.

WOMAN: Some foreign policy experts

calling it a foreign policy blunder.

MAN: His phone callwith Taiwan's president

touched off something ofa weekend diplomatic firestorm

with China, and broke decadesof presidential protocol.

Yup, once again,Donald Trump breaks protocol,

which is basically hisspecialty, because since Nixon,

all American presidentshave publicly regarded Taiwan

as being a part of China,but not Trump. Yeah.

Donald Trump--he treats protocol

I think there are a lotof questions going forward about

what Donald Trump's policytowards China will be.

It took decadesto develop the ground

on which we talk to China,

and Donald Trumptore it up today.

If I were China right now,I would have no idea

what's going on-- and I'mnot a hundred percent sure

Trump does, either.

Nobody knowswhat Trump's plan is.

He's just that kind of guy.He wakes up and he's like,

"Who said that? Me?Oh, okay, okay. Okay."

Because nobody knowsif he has a plan.

This could be blunder, or itcould be his opening chess move.

You know? Or actually,it's too complicated.

Maybe his opening checkers move.

Uh... no, no,I'm sorry, I'm sorry,

his openingHungry Hungry Hippos move.

That looks right, thatlooks right, that looks right.

Now, look, now, look,the president of the--

there's a lot more skillin that game than you think--

now, nook, the president ofthe United States has the right

to determine America's policytoward China, I don't deny that.

What's worrying is that DonaldTrump doesn't seem to know

which direction he's shifting it,

or even how he's shifting it.

Because now Trump is positioninghis Taiwan call

as taking an aggressive stanceagainst China.

But when the story first broke,Trump implied in a tweet

that he didn't plan it.

Said he spoketo the president of Taiwan

because she called himout of the blue.

Which is even more frightening.

How are people able to call

the president ofthe United States... randomly?

And also, if that's the case,

why is he answeringrandom calls?

This is president-electof the United States!

It's just like, ring-ring,and he's like,

"Oh, that could bea world leader,

"or my Uber calling. Hold on.

Yes, this is Donald."

"Hello, Donald. This isTsai Ing-wen from Taiwan."

"Uh-huh. Yeah, I'm waving.Is that you in the Camry?

Is that you?"

Who is this man?!

And this is why everybody'sfreaking out.

Because it doesn't look likeTrump knows what he's doing.

And China's relationshipwith Taiwan is too tricky

to not know what you're doing.

You see,just like Dwayne Johnson,

uh, wasn't always The Rock,

-(laughter) -China...wasn't always communist.

And after itscommunist revolution in 1949,

all anti-communists fledto Taiwan

and declared themselvesindependent from China.

That's how it all started.Which China vehemently rejects.

In fact, in Shanghai'sEnglish-language bookstores,

they actually unwrapnew English dictionaries

and they rip out the pagethat has the entry for Taiwan.

That's how seriouslythey take it in China.

Which is not just censorship,I mean, that's some crazy

ex-lover behavior, that's...I mean, because you realize,

when you rip out a pageof a dictionary,

you're not just losing Taiwan,you're losing

all the other wordsthat have "T" around it.

Like the word "taken" ison the same page as Taiwan.

"Taken" is gone.That would explain

why Liam Neeson's moviesflopped in China.

They probably had no meaning.

They probably had to reduball of his lines.

He was like, "What?My daughter's been gotten?"


But that's...that's how China rolls.

And because America tries torespect both China and Taiwan,

their relationship ends upbeing, uh, complicated.

NEWSMAN: Ever since Nixon's visit to China in 1972,

the U.S. has had a One-China policy,

recognizing only one of the two countries

that call themselves China.

...recognizing Taiwanthrough defense contracts

and informal contacts,but not as a separate government

with its owndiplomatic standing.

NEWSMAN: Trump tweeted...

It is weird that China acceptsAmerica selling weapons

to Taiwan, but will not standfor a phone call.

That is weird.But it's a weird thing

that you have to respect.

Because it's a matterof respect.

It's sort of like when you goto visit your grandma.

Out of respect,you and your girlfriend

sleep in separate rooms.

Yeah. She knowsthat you're together,

but you just act likeit's not happening.

But Donald Trump,he doesn't do respect.

He doesn't play protocol.When he's at Grandma's,

he (bleep) bigly.


And the crazy thing iswe have to get involved.

Now we're reading up.

Do you understand how strangethat is, by the way?

We are reading up on China,because we're afraid

that the presidentof the United States

doesn't know what he's doing?We're like, "All right,

we're gonna read upjust in case, Donald."

Because, look,no one's ever messed with China

like this before.

No one really knows whatthe ramifications will be.

It may be nothing.

Or it could lead to a war.

Or maybe, maybe China triesto hurt America's economy

by stopping all trade.

These are allreally bad outcomes.

Really bad.

I will say this, though,if a trade war means

we don't have to see himin one of those suits anymore,

then maybe it was all worth it.