Trump Prepares to Dismantle the Government

December 8, 2016 - Evan McMullin & DJ Khaled 12/08/2016 Views: 42,265

President-elect Trump trolls America by nominating a global warming denier to head the EPA and a union critic to helm the Labor Department. (2:45)

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I don't know about you,but, for me,

every day since Donald Trump won

has been an emotionalroller coaster, you know?

Every day it ranges from eh

to aah...!

And what makes it worsethan a roller coaster

is the fact that this rideis gonna be four years long.

And the scariest thing is we'restill just waiting in the line!

The ridehasn't even started yet!

And today was definitely aah...!

REPORTER: Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump's pick

for Environmental Protection Agency administrator

is a staunch climate change denier.

Donald Trump expected to pickfast food CEO Andy Puzder

as his secretary of labor.Puzder has been outspoken

-against overregulation.-REPORTER 2: And he is against

raising the federal minimum wage over nine dollars an hour.

(screaming continues)



You know, some-sometimes I thinkTrump is trolling us, people.

America's just got a trollthat's trolling everyone.

He's like the ultimate troll.Because you realize

almost every single person he'spicked for his cabinet wants

to destroy the thing thatthey've been put in charge of.

The head of theEnvironmental Protection Agency

doesn't believe the environmentshould be protected.

His secretary of laboris opposed to workers' rights.

Andfor national security advisor,

a job that is all aboutassessing intelligence,

for that job, Trump chose a manwho has repeatedly fallen

for conspiracy theoriesand hoaxes.

How does this happen?It's almost like

before Trump hires anyone,he Googles "opposite of"

and then he just getsthat person.

Yeah, like, (bleep) it.Why don't we all just live

in this world?We'll do the same thing.

Homeland Security--let's get bin Laden in!

Let's just do it. Yeah.

Oh, protector of Gotham?The Joker! Let's do it!

Communications director, Hodor!

What's he saying? I don't know!

Secretary of energy, Ben Carson!


You know we're in troublewhen one of Trump's

most sensible hires is his smallbusiness administrator,

Linda McMahon. And if you'renot familiar with her...

You read my lips,

I want a divorce!

-(cheering and applause)-ANNOUNCER: Oh, my God!

Vince McMahon looks like he...

ANNOUNCER 2:Linda blocked that punch!



-ANNOUNCER 4: Oh, no!-(grunts)

You're fired!

-ANNOUNCER 5: Oh! Oh, my gosh!-ANNOUNCER 6: Oh!


Welcometo the Trump administration,

where climate change is fakeand wrestling is real.