Jonathan Katz - Learning to Tie Your Inner Shoe

Katz, Barry, Sklar Brothers Season 2, Ep 11 05/26/1993 Views: 999

Cambridge is the kind of place that has self-help books for kids. (1:14)

I live in-- I live inCambridge, Massachusetts, right

in the middle of Harvard Square.

And, uh-- I like it, butCambridge is the kind of place

where you can walk intoa children's book store

and find a self-help section.

Yesterday a saw a bookfor five-year-olds

called "Learning toTie Your Inner Shoe."

I was surprised.

I wasn't shocked.

My nephew goes to school there.

He plays hockey on anon-goal oriented team.

I have been doing a lotof benefits this year.

As a matter offact, last night I

did a benefit for thesurvivors of a benefit

I had done the week before.

And that feels good.

Give a little something back.

I don't like tohonk my own horn,

but I have been lending my nameto some good causes lately--

the animal rights people,working with them.

I have been working with thehorse community in the area

of sexual harassment,and our feeling

is that when a horse says neigh,that's exactly what they mean.