Donald Trump Is Bad at Shaking Hands

Monday, February 13, 2017 02/13/2017 Views: 663

Justin Trudeau masterfully deflected President Trump's signature handshake, inspiring Tom Lennon, Milana Vayntrub and Kyle Kinane to name more Canadian power moves. (2:57)

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All right,in other political news,

Donald Trump is badat shaking hands. Take a look.

-♪ -(laughter)


So, that c...

How is it going?Hey, how's it going?

-Hey, how's it going?-(laughter)

Hey, how's it going?

-(applause and cheering)-What? What? What? What?

-What? What? What?-Are you okay? -I'm okay.

I'm powerful. I'm strong.You see how strong I am?

I'm the strongest manin the room.

(laughter, applause & cheering)

-Oh, my God.-That compilation by...

-(laughter)-That's the art of the deal!

-(laughter)-I'm okay.

That compilationby VICE News is way better

than I thought it would bewhen I heard

that there was a videoof Trump (bleep) dudes.


It's totally different thingthan I thought it was.

So, obviously this arm-wrestlingmatch... technique is...

It is some kind...

I'm sure it's something he readabout in a self-help book

that also tells youto drink raw eggs

and visualize your penis growingevery morning.

-(laughter and groaning) -ButI'm gonna tell you something.

That did not workon maple-blooded hunk

and Canadian Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau, who...

-(applause and cheering)-who...

He shut that down!

Shut down the incoming tugs

in one swift shoulder seizethis afternoon. Take a look.

Oh, stopped. It stopped.

-Held it.-(cheers and applause)

You can't...

This... Guys,these hockey players.

You can't...throw them off balance.

-They're used to beingon skates. -(laughter)

"The coach said we hadto shake hands after the game,

but he didn't saywe had to like it!"

That's what those two look like.

So comedians, Trump's...since Trump's

alpha ploy was counteractedby Trudeau,

what's a Canadian power move?


Affordable healthcarefor all of their citizens?

HARDWICK: Oh, okay.That's very good.

-Points.-(applause and cheering)

Can't argue with that.Tom Lennon.

(in Canadian accent): Uh, hey,USA, you don't think

that we already havea sleeper cell inside of you?


Guess what. Give us one reason,

and we activatethe Barenaked Ladies.

-(laughter) -HARDWICK:All right. All right, points.

-(applause and cheering)-Very good. Oh, no.

I can al...I can almost hear that now.

The attack signal is...♪ It's been...

(laughter, applause & cheering)

-♪ Chinese chicken... -(laughter)

HARDWICK: ♪ Chickity Chinathe Chinese chicken ♪

♪ You have a drumstickand your brain stops tickin' ♪

LENNON: I don't wantthat song in my head!

I don't wantthat song in my head!

-We can't afford. We can'tafford it. -We can't afford it.

-We can't afford the (bleep).-HARDWICK: And this one.

-And that's sad.-All right, great. -(laughter)

Like Harrison Ford,you're getting frantic.


LENNON: Just speak it.Just speak it.

HARDWICK: Okay, I'm sorry.I'm sorry. Kyle, Kyle.

-They got a whole city up therecalled Regina... -(laughter)

...and we're not supposedto laugh when they say it.


(applause and cheering)

HARDWICK:Points for Kyle Kinane.