Strategy Dwight Lightning

The Route of All Evil Season 5, Ep 3 02/19/2008 Views: 180

Hermes and Professor Farnsworth discover that their sons' newspaper delivery business has become more profitable than Planet Express. (1:51)

Business is down,so I have filed papers

to have you all reclassifiedas slaves.

( wheel squeaking )

PROFESSOR:Well, well,

if it isn't our littlemunchkin moguls.

Would you just...

What's the trouble, men?

Need some penny rollsfor your profits?

Actually,thanks to Dwight'sbrilliant accounting

and my unaccountablebrilliance, ( snorts )

our paper route now hasover a million customers!

We're finally makingmore money than you guys!

Aren't youimpressed now, Pops?

Aren't you?Aren't you? a small way, yes.

But you still don't haveyour own building

or conference table or...

or one of those things.


Our dads are never impressed,no matter what we do.

Maybe we shouldstart a fire.

If we really wantto impress them

we'll have to crush them--with strategy...

"Dwight Lightning."

Very well, but I get toname the next strategy.


on The Real World--"The Sun."

( man screams )

I'm burning to death!

Oh! You know how much

an apartmentthat big would cost

on the sun?

People, as you know,our young sons

have becomegreat successes

in the very samefield as us.

Yay!That's great!All right!

Naturally,we're humiliated.

That's why we need you,our loyal crew

to make Planet Express800% more profitable.

We'll startby slashing salaries.

And, this time,I mean really slashing.

Uh, guys, I don't know howto tell you this

so I'll just let Fryblurt it out thoughtlessly.

We don't workfor you anymore!

( gasps )What?!

Dwight and Cubert

made us a better offer.

We're paperboys now.


We got papersto stuff, team.

Hut two, hut two!

Yes, sir.Right away.

We're on it,Mr. Farnsworth.