Gabriel Iglesias - Traveling in Australia

Zhivago Blea, Cleto Rodriguez & Edwin San Juan Season 1, Ep 5 11/03/2011 Views: 29,089

Gabriel Iglesias describes some of his eye-opening experiences in Australia. (1:13)

I was... I was very surprised,you guys, because it was just...

it was, uh, very eye-opening.

You know, you seethe movies and the...

People are different.

Like, when I got to the airport,Sebastian, you, uh...

you walked overto the baggage claim,

and the first thing you said:"Hey, how you doing, mate?"

And I was like, "All right,they really say that. Cool."

They really say "mate," 'causeI thought maybe, you know,

it was just a movie or two.No, they really say "mate,"

so I'm like,"All right, got it, cool."

He was super nice.See, uh, we landed in Australia.

It was about 5:00in the morning.

And he takes us, uh,to this restaurant.

You know, have breakfast.

And I'm like... right away,I like him, you know?

"You hungry?""Dude."

"I know where to go, mate.""Let's go."

(imitates car engine purring)

So we go to this place.

We're sitting down,

and, uh, I started noticingcertain differences.

The server walks overto the table,

and he looks at me,and he's like,

"What are you having?"

And I'm looking at the menu,and I'm like,

"You know, I'm not really sure.

Can I just get a coffeefor right now?"

And he goes, "Okay.One long black."


And then I looked at Sebastian.

I'm like, "Where the helldid you bring me?"

And the server's like,"Is there a problem?"

I go, "I'm sorry.You'll have to forgive me."

I go, "I'm from America.

"Uh, here, apparently,you call 'long black' coffee.

Uh, in America,that means something else."