Gabe Liedman - "Game of Thrones" Sex

Season 2, Ep 8 05/25/2013 Views: 25,236

Is "Game of Thrones" simply stealing from Ashanti and Ja Rule? (1:51)

on Seinfeld werejust always naked?

It's like,I don't know, monkey.

Weird that they nevertried that.

That would be the (bleep) worst.

So I-- with my entertainment,with my television,

I like to just take myself away.

Which is why I am a huge fanof Game of Thrones.

(crowd cheering)

I love it.

Now, half of you are clapping,half of you are either over it

or you don't knowwhat Game of Thrones is.

So let me just quicklycatch you guys up.

No spoilers, no judgments.

Game of Thrones-- if you don't know what it is--

is... (chuckles)

like, a fantasy show on HBO

that is about... anal sex.



the story kind of centersaround a handful of women

who, like, slowly getout of the bath...


...only to find themselvespounded from behind

by everything!

And the whole time, they havethis crazy look in their eyes

where they're just like,"Yeah, yeah!

"We're doing it doggy style,

"and that's how you knowthat we're, like,

ancient, mythical beings."

Or whatever.

But I'm not stupid,and I know that doggy style is

actually from the late '90s.

And it was inventedby Ashanti and Ja Rule...

the Lewis and Clarkof my generation.

And I don't like being lied to!

(laughter, applause)

Thank you.