Ian Edwards - Interracial Daughters

Oswalt, Mulaney, Edwards, Cummins, Mordal, Prekel, Borowitz Season 1, Ep 3 08/03/2006 Views: 3,827

Daughters of interracial couples are always beautiful. (1:15)

for my own selfish reasons.

'Cause mixed race couples alwayshave the finest daughters.

You ever see a mixed race girl.

You never seen an uglymixed race girl in your life.

Vanessa Williams,Halle Berry...

they always come out beautiful.

It don't matterwho the parents are.

It could be the two ugliestpeople from each race.

That daughter will befine as hell.

You be looking at herin disbelief.

You're like, damn, you areoff the chain, Ma, for real.

You mean to tell meDikembe Mutombo

and Rosie O'Donnellare your parents?


You are off the chain.

This is your homegirl?

Oh, my gosh.

You are beautiful.


You mean to tell me Smeagolfrom Lord of the Rings...

and Condoleezza Riceare your parents?

( bleep ) damn!

You got to be the finestone of them all.

I ain't never seennothing like this.

You mean to tell me Sealand Phyllis Diller are your...?