Joe DeRosa - Fake Sports & Real Cheating

Joe DeRosa: You Let Me Down Season 1, Ep 1 02/03/2017 Views: 1,429

Even though the world loses its mind over the Olympics, Joe DeRosa isn't impressed by an athlete's commitment to a sport he doesn't care about. (1:48)

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I don't understandthe reverence for sports.

I don't get it,

and maybe becauseI never played sports.

I don't know.

You know, you see it a lotwhen the Olympics happen.

Man, people lose their mindover the Olympics.

And I know Olympianswork their asses off.

They work their asses off.

And I'll say this,in all fairness.

Never have so many peopleworked so incredibly hard

for so incredibly longto do a thing

that I don'tgive a shit about at all.

Couldn't care less.

Fake sports, once again.

It's people throwing shit.

I don't care.

"I threw a stick."

Whatever, who cares?

People love it, man.

People go, "Do you know how fewpeople in the world can do that?

Do you know how few peopleare experts at that?"

I don't give a shit.

Do you know how few peoplecan do astrophysics?

I don't want to watch itfor three hours on a Sunday.

It's boring dork shit to me.

And the Olympics are so loved.

The Olympics are so loved,

they celebrate and commendbad sportsmanship.

Last Summer Olympics, there wasa women's running race,

and at the end of the race,one of the women

dove over the finish lineto win.

And the peopleI was watching it with,

they were like,"Did you see that?

Did you see that commitmentright there?"

No, I saw cheatingis what I just saw.

She just cheated blatantlyto win the race.

"No, that's called commitment."

Nobody has ever said,"Man, Mike Tyson, wow,

"what commitment he showedwhen he bit that guy's ear off.

"That was amazing"