Uncensored - Dave Attell - Slamming These Jokes

Ali Wong, Junior Stopka, Jimmy Shubert Season 1, Ep 7 05/25/2014 Views: 8,201

Dave Attell kicks off the show and finds his cameraman for the night. (1:34)

What a crowd.

Thank for coming downto the Underground.

New York City.

The crossroadsof the world.

This is where cokemeets meth, am I right?


All right.

You're a good crowd,you don't even need me.

Sir, how are you doing?

You're all right, Okay, thisis some kind of match.com.

I don't wantto get involved.

And over here, we havethe Black Eyed Peas.

It's good to seeyou guys back together.

And this guy.

Did Benny eat Jerry?

What happened here?

The Ben and Jerryreference.

I'm slammingthese jokes.

This is amazing because I'mholding the camera,

but I can't dothe jokes and the camera,

so someone in the crowd is goingto have to help me out.

What's your name, sir?


Have you ever workeda camera before?

Ah, amateur porn.

Here you go, buddy.

There's nothing betterand nothing blurrier.

Where are youfrom, dude?


Okay, all right.

I want the camera backat the end of the night.

Just saying.

It got racial in here.

Can somebody open a window?Is there a window in here?

Edward, you ready?

Okay, we're goingto start the show.

Let's hear it, guys.

Oh my God, this isgoing to be great.

Our firstact of the evening,

she used to open for me foryears on the road

and she is justan amazing, amazing comic.


Please welcome theone and only Ali Wong!

Here she comes.