Theo Von - S**t Stroller

Theo Von Season 1, Ep 7 06/01/2012 Views: 5,180

While renting a car in Indiana, Theo Von is dismayed after getting a PT Cruiser instead of a manlier SUV. (1:29)

which is Spanish for...

Indian. Know your (bleep).

And I, uh, ran into a rental carissue while I was there, okay?

I reserved the SUV, you know?

'Cause I wanna look tough,you know, vehicularly.

And I get there.They don't have my SUV.

So they said they're goingto give me something similar.

And that's Hebrewfor we're going

to (bleep) you here, buddy.

So they give mea PT Cruiser convertible.

Are you familiar with this(bleep) stroller? Yeah.

It's not even like a car.

It's like a trap for gays,really.

It's like you park it somewhere

and open the top,

put a little bit of dickin the middle; then you wait.

When the gays get in,you shut it on them,

take 'em to the police.

(bleep) car, dude.

I had to blow a guyjust to get it to go in reverse.

And I'm not even gay.

I just had to parallel park.

So, that took a while.

I commend you, ladies.

I didn't think it was so hardto give head, you know?

I mean, it looks easierfrom this end.

Thankfully I wore my earplugs.

You know, just 'cause...

well, sucking (bleep)is gay, but...

hearing yourself suck (bleep)...

that's really the gay part.

It's only gayif you can hear it, right?

Silent dicks all day.