Fry's Science Project

Cold Warriors Season 6, Ep 24 08/25/2011 Views: 22,987

In the 20th century, teenage Fry prepares his pet guinea pig for launch into outer space. (1:58)

You'd better stay hereduring biology.

Mrs. Jenkins dissects anythingsmaller than a fifth-grader.

(gasps, sneezes)

Well, if it isn'tGrandmaster Phlegm.

I heard you're entering theNASA science competition.

Maybe I am, LL Fool J.

So what's your project-- theeffects of losing on idiots?

No, I'm gonna infect myguinea pig with the common cold

and launch it into space to seeif it gets cured by cosmic rays.

(wheezing laugh)

Lame, though the common coldvirus does seem

like a judge-pleaser.

I think I'll steal thatand do an experiment

that's slightly lessvery stupid.

But that's my idea.

You are an evil, evil nerd.

Gedgie out.

We'll show him who's stupid.


(guinea pig coughs)



Borbo, the so-calledcommon cold,

introduced by livingfossil Philip J. Fry,

is spreadingout of control.

All citizens are advisedto wash their hands thoroughly

after beating upPhilip J. Fry.

Phew! Lucky I'm safelylocked up here with you guys.

There he is!

Get him!

Ow! Ow! Ow! Wait!

The situation is expectedto deteriorate

as newscasters whipthe city into a panic.

Run! Run for your lives!

(screaming and yelling,thudding)


And finally, the heartwarmingstory of a handicapped magician

who didn't know when to give up.