Deon Cole - Managing Your Blackness - Uncensored

Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar Season 1, Ep 1 06/25/2016 Views: 7,878

Deon Cole reveals how he manages to maintain his personal space while traveling and describes how his behavior changes depending on his environment. (2:07)

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And there was a middle seatopen next to me.

I ain't want noneof them sitting there

talking to methe whole damn flight,

so I had to turnmy blackness up.

Oh, yeah, white people,that's something we do.

It's called managingyour blackness.

See, white people,y'all can be white all day long.

Black people can't be blackall day long.

Society don't play that.

It's messed up,

but we have to choosethroughout our day

when to be blackand when not to be.

It's crazy.

That black dude you work with?

That ain't how he really act.

That is not the real James.


You go to a job interview,

you cut that black shit off.

You go in there like, "Uh, yes,

it behooves me to, uh..."

I don't even knowwhat the hell "behoove" mean,

but it feel like it go there,

you know?

So I ain't want none of themsitting next to me.

So I reached in my bag,pulled my baseball cap,

put it on sideways,put my sunglasses on,

put my headphones on,turned that shit up real loud.

I was like, "Kill these niggas,

"all these niggas.

Kill these niggas."

Didn't nobody sit next to me.

They were sitting oneach other laps

before they came to this seat.

Soon as they closed the doorand locked it,

I was like, "Hoo,"

took all that bullshit off

and pulled my Sudoku book out,and was like.