Todd Barry - Hot Dog Fried Rice

Katz, Barry, Sklar Brothers Season 2, Ep 11 05/26/1993 Views: 3,249

With a wok, you can create your own mediocre Chinese food. (1:26)

How's it going tonight, folks?



Halloween's coming up, huh?


No, like 13 months now,Halloween's coming up.

You know what Inoticed last Halloween?

A lot of couples going out, notcoordinating their costumes.

I was at a party.

I'm watching people come in.

I'm like, oh, wow, look who justarrived-- those famous lovers

from history, Romeoand Pocahontas.

Hey, they're on a doubledate with Gandhi and Cher.

But I'm a single guy myself.

I was reading the personal ads.



Saw one that said "singlewhite female, 27, herpes mild."

Yeah, I didn't didn't knowwe use same rating system

for social diseases aswe do for taco sauce.

But speaking of food mademyself a good dinner tonight.

I did.

I used a wok.

That is a greatthing to have, a wok.

With a wok, in the privacy ofyour own home you can create

your own mediocreChinese food for $0.50

less than ordering take out.

I'm standing over thisthing going, oh yeah.

I'm glad I'm makingthis stuff myself,

because thoserestaurants in Chinatown

just don't make hot dogfried rice the way I like it.