Bobcat Goldthwait - Condom Burger

Bobcat Goldthwait Season 1, Ep 2 12/03/1996 Views: 11,542

A Texas woman is suing McDonald's for serving her a Big Mac with a condom in it. (0:37)

suing McDonald's 'cause she got

a condom in her Big Mac.

Right. Yeah.

I think she should get money

for getting grossed out.

You know, that's worth a couple

grand she should get, you know,

for going...

For choking on it,

she shouldn't get a red cent.

I stop eating if there's a piece

of bone in a burger.

What is up with this woman when

she's just, like, wailing

on this burger?

[making chowing-down noises]

"Is your pickle in, like,

a little tiny packet?"

[laughter and applause]