North Brother Island

Working Girls Season 1, Ep 3 02/05/2014 Views: 16,446

Abbi makes the trek to the very spooky North Brother Island to pick up Jeremy's package, but she hits a roadblock when the woman working at the desk asks for ID. (2:14)


(woman on PA) Last stop in Manhattan.

The train will now be going express to 37th Street.



All right.


Uh, hello...


I'm not sure if I'm inthe right place--

You are.Okay.

I'll just hand that--All right.

Oh, Jesus.

Thank you so much.

It took me so long--ID.

Jeremy Santos.

No, I'm not a man.

Jeremy's actually my--he's my husband.


We both work so much.

You know how it is.

But when we're home,we're home and we--

I need his ID or he cancome down here

with two pieces ofmail with his name on it.

Gar... ol, you seem like,so great.

I can just tellfrom this interaction.

Can you just like, lookthe other way this time?

I'm sorry, I can't.

My supervisor's watching.