Behind the Scenes - Inside the Social Media Tent

Roast of Rob Lowe Season 1, Ep 1 09/05/2016 Views: 3,002

Mike Lawrence explores the stuffed animal-filled social media tent, where images of a dreamy Rob Lowe are plastered all over the wall. (1:01)

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- I'm here at the social media tent for the Rob Lowe roast.

Look, two bears together.

We should go to West Hollywood sometime.


This bed could only fit one adult

and a desperate child who thought

she was gonna make it in show business.

Two types of peoplewould have this bedroom.

Little girls and old women with dementia,

who think that they're little girls again.

I like this picture a lot.

This is nerdy Rob Lowe.

This Rob Low, that's a guy that (bleep)

16 year olds when he was supposed to.

It is nice to be in this bed.

There's a unicorn right in my asshole.

You know I've workedso hard, I am so tired.

I looked through the thesaurus

and found every synonym for fat

to describe Jeff Ross and me and this guy right here.

We gotta go to bed.

I think you guys need to get out of here.

Things are about to get pretty unbearable.

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